Financial Returns to Processing Tomatoes from Cover Crop Investment in Southwestern Ontario



Kerr, Jamison

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University of Guelph


This thesis focuses on the cumulative yield and profitability from cover crops (oats, rye, radish, and a radish/rye mixture), the application of 140 kg ha-1 of nitrogen fertilizer and wheat straw removal on processing tomatoes. Field trial data from the University of Guelph Ridgetown campus provides the opportunity to fill an important gap in knowledge related to cover crop effects on tomato yield and profitability. The 6-year average yield results show that all cover crops produce statistically significantly higher tomato yields compared to the control of no cover crop. The application of additional nitrogen also produces statistically significantly higher tomato yields while straw removal shows no statistically significant yield effect on tomatoes. Partial budget analysis of the yield increases shows that all cover crop treatments and combinations of treatments result in net positive economic gains to producers, except for straw removal without extra nitrogen application for oats, rye, and radish.



cover crops, cumulative yield, long-term profitability, LTccExpt, processing tomatoes, profitability, breakeven, financial analysis