Remote Water Quality Monitoring Station




Poison, Edward
Kucharczyk, Peter
Hummel, Tom
Rudra, Munish K.

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The system presented in this paper was designed to monitor contamination in surface water, specifically the Speed or Eramosa River, in Guelph, Ontario. The design is mobile and self-powered so that it may be deployed quickly and for long durations in remote areas. The system consists of four major parts: a solar panel power supply, a data logger, a radio communications module for relaying information to the treatment plant, and sensors for detecting water contamination.


Created in fulfillment of the course requirements for ENGG*3100 Engineering and Design III. This course combines the knowledge gained in the advanced engineering and basic science courses with the design skills taught in ENGG*1100 and ENGG*2100 in solving open-ended problems. These problems are related to the student's major. Additional design tools are presented, including model simulation, sensitivity analysis, linear programming, knowledge-based systems and computer programming. Complementing these tools are discussions on writing and public speaking techniques, codes, safety issues, environmental assessment and professional management. These topics are taught with the consideration of available resources and cost.


Data storage, remote monitoring, solar panel, water quality, wireless communication