O. A. C. Review Volume XXXII Issue 11, July 1920

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Ontario Agricultural College


This summer issue's agricultural articles pertain to grading butter in Ontario, irrigation in Ontario, the Soil Survey of Ontario, growing peonies for the farm garden, and that the successful farmer utilizes electricity. Other articles address co-operative organization on Prince Edward Island, and a travel diary of a trip on the Canadian Pacific Railway from Toronto to Vancouver. Previously censored results of the 1914 O. A. C. Referendum are published in this issue. Also presented is an urban perspective on the back-to-the-land movement. Another wartime biographical sketch titled "Apres la Guerre" is printed in this issue. The editorial takes issue with a recent movie that disparages farm life. Campus news reports on the tribute to Dr. Creelman for his sixteen years as head of O. A. C. The Macdonald Institute column provides a review of social events of the graduates, and alumnae news. While the Alumni column contains alumni updates, and a listing of all O. A. C. graduates who have surnames beginning with the letters "N", "O", and "P".



OAC Review, College news, editorial, agriculture, co-operative organizations, Prince Edward Island, Toronto, Vancouver, Canadian Pacific Railway, travel diary, Ontario butter grading, O. A. C. referendum 1914, censor, poetry, Ontario, irrigation, back-to-the-land movement, The Soil Survey of Ontario, farm garden, peonies, farm power, electricity, hydro, Y. M. C. A., Dr. Creelman, tribute, marriage announcement, O. A. C. graduates, athletics, cage ball, biographical sketch, World War 1, Macdonald Institute, alumnae, local news, personals, alumni, Guelph, advertising, H. C. Mason