Stories of Change: Mealtime Resilience of Families Living with Dementia




Wong, Fiona

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University of Guelph


To date, research delving into the narratives of living with dementia during mealtimes is limited. The methodology used is thematic narrative analysis, following the elements of a 3D narrative inquiry space proposed by Clandinin and Connelly (2000). The purpose was to develop stories by reconstructing participants’ experiences to capture insight into how mealtimes change overtime and how adaptations reflect resilience. Two themes and several subthemes were revealed. The first major theme is ‘Developing strategies for positive adaptation’, with four subthemes including reminiscing, incorporating humour, establishing social support, and having hope and optimism. The second major theme is ‘Continuing to learn and adapt’, with three subthemes including focusing on the positive gains and personal growth, balancing past pleasures while adapting to the new normal, and accumulating life experiences. This work serves as a basis for future studies examining into the concept of resilience among families living with dementia in greater depth.



Resilience, Dementia, Mealtime, Narrative Analysis, Thematic Narrative Analysis, Narrative