Sensory Testing of Canadian Armed Forces Individual Meal Packs

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Crawford, Laura

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University of Guelph


Combat rations, known as Individual Meal Packs (IMPs), are utilized to feed soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) under adverse conditions. Ration acceptability is imperative to meet the physiological needs of soldiers. The overall aim of this research was to determine if improvements can be made to current sensory testing protocols to increase efficiency and accuracy of the sensory evaluation program of IMPs. Acceptability can influence consumption, however, it is only one of several factors. A base trial was conducted to examine the effects of temperature and liking, followed by a field trial, weighing all food waste and comparing leftovers to liking. There was a significant difference in liking between products served hot and at ambient temperature. No significant relationship existed between liking and food intake. Key findings from the studies include recommendations for testing IMPs at ambient temperature and for surveys to capture reasons why products were consumed.



Canadian Armed Forces, military, ration, Individual Meal Pack, sensory testing