Nuclear Structure Investigation of 110Cd through Beta-Decay of 110In

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Diaz Varela, Alejandra

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University of Guelph


A study of the 110In beta+/EC decay was performed at the TRIUMF Isotope Separator and Accelerator (ISAC) facility to probe the nuclear structure of 110Cd. The data were collected in scaled-down gamma-ray singles, gamma-gamma coincidence, and γ-electron coincidence modes. The level scheme of 110Cd was expanded significantly by identifying 75 levels under 3.8 MeV, including 12 new ones, and the number of previously observed transitions from these levels was nearly doubled to 273. The gamma-ray branching intensities were extracted through an analysis of the coincidence intensities. The branching ratios were combined with a reanalysis of lifetimes measurements obtained in an (n,n'gamma) reaction with monoenergetic neutrons for the calculation of B(E2) values and these results have lead to the proposal of a gamma-soft rotor, or O(6) nucleus, rather than a vibrational, or U(5) pattern for the nature of the low-lying, low-spin levels in 110Cd.



Nuclear structure, 100Cd, Beta-decay, Monoenergetic neutrons, Gamma-ray