All the Shining People: Stories

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Friedman, Kathy

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University of Guelph


All the Shining People is a collection of linked short stories that follows a character named Jordan Loewenstern from childhood to maturity. Jordan is a Jewish South African who moves as a young boy to a suburb of Toronto during the waning days of apartheid. Throughout the collection, he is largely seen through the eyes of different narrators, a transitory figure whose impacts and alterations are usually glimpsed from a distance. Yet he functions as an absent presence at the heart of the collection, which dovetails with its themes of migration, loss, displacement and longing. All the Shining People is about the connections that bind people to places and to each other. The public sphere continually bleeds into the personal: a university student accompanies her younger brother to a charged political protest, a nude model looks for her lover during a blackout, a woman returning to South Africa is forced to confront secrets that could tear her marriage apart.



Short stories, Migration, Loss, Displacement, Longing