O. A. C. Review Volume XXX Issue 5, January 1918

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Ontario Agricultural College


This issue's agricultural articles pertain to Shorthorn Cattle, the profitability of increased crop production, and experimental work in weed eradication. Wartime articles address the necessity of increasing honey production due to the sugar shortage, utilizing skim milk and buttermilk as human food, the necessity of increasing hog production for feeding the army, and the formation of the Khaki University. The floriculture article is about growing flowers from seed. While the Query column answers agricultural queries. Campus news reports on the contribution of the Mac Hall girls, the demand for an increased livestock supply, the missionary conference of the Y. M. C. A., and that the athletic focus will be on hockey. The Macdonald column includes notes from the Y. W. C. A. meeting, and excitement over the term examinations. The Alumni column contains news of the war, alumni updates, and a military letter.



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