Evaluating in vitro methods to assess xenoestrogens in fish

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Marlatt, Vicki L.

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University of Guelph


The results of my thesis have demonstrated the utility of an ER competitive ligand binding assay, a hepatocyte vitellogenin (Vtg) induction bioassay and an ER reporter gene bioassay in detecting the activity of model estrogen agonists and antagonists in rainbow trout. These assays measure the interaction of test compounds with the rainbow trout estrogen receptor. An 'in vivo ' experiment demonstrated the antiestrogenic effects of tamoxifen in rainbow trout, which corresponded with its biological activity ' in vitro'. The testing of pulp and paper mill effluent extracts in the ER competitive ligand binding and hepatocyte Vtg assay showed that effluent extracts were capable of binding to the ER and exhibited antiestrogenic activity, however discrepancies between the results of the assays were apparent. Together the results suggest that a combination of 'in vitro' assays which depend on differing endpoints are required in investigating the actions of potential xenoestrogens.



Rainbow trout, Xenoestrogens, In vitro, Methods, Ligand binding assay