Development and Validation of the Wind Energy Calculator (WEC) for use as a module in the larger Complimentary Energy Decision Support Tool (CEDST) project

Shaw, Stephanie
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University of Guelph

The Complimentary Energy Decision Support Tool (CEDST) was conceived to be a renewable energy calculator designed specifically for rural sites and agricultural operations in Ontario, though could easily assess urban sites as well, and equipped with the ability to compare the feasibility of different technologies. The Wind Energy Calculator (WEC) component of the CEDST project was the focus of this thesis and was developed since research revealed no current wind prediction tools that met CEDST needs. Verification of WEC predictions found prediction accuracy to have bounds of +/- 60% on actual turbine energy production and was equivalent to the actual generation for 21% of cases. The discrepancy could have resulted from unusual annual wind speeds, which had no significant impact on project economics when analysed. Many cases revealed that 10 kW turbines are not feasible projects under the Feed-in Tariff program and that turbines begin to become economical around 35 kW.

Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Renewable Energy Comparison, Wind Turbine, Complimentary Energy Decision Support Tool (CEDST), Wind Energy Calculator (WEC), Agriculture, Decision Support Tool, Performance, Feed-in Tariff (FIT), Wind Energy Predictions