Research Magazine Summer 1999 - Focus: Plant Research




Students Promoting Awareness of Research Knowledge (SPARK)

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University of Guelph


In this issue:They'll be hungry when they arrive; Plant agriculture...qu'est-ce sue c'est?; Where it's at for plants; Getting tough on corn disease; Name that flavone; Wild beets to the rescue; A bean for all reasons; They're in canola's corner; Super selection; The $60-million difference; Surviving the big chill; Animal-saving plants; A bite for life; The business of plant agriculture; Biotechnology, Mega project is mindful of the environment; Deal with it; Closing in on nutrients; Pasture is profitable; Petal perfect; Ultra violets; A strawberry 350 years in the making; The green new world of cosmic crops; Plants that grow when the lights are low; Pigging out on barley; Superior vines, superior wines; Pressing for purity; A multi-million-dollar boost aMAIZEing stress tolerance; The comeback currant; Fresh from the tropics of Simcoe; Leaving a pesticide paper trail; Well-weathered transgenic plants; Curbing energy consumption; Which weed's which?; Internationally friendly; Communications focus on food risks; Winners in the wrap category; A challenge to the Georgia peach; Building a better apple orchard; An ancient remedy takes root in Ontario; The Mushroom Man vs. Green mould; Behind the bean scene; Time for soy; When breeding was the pits; Stretching the supply; Tough tomato transplants