Improving SOC Modelling of Manure Amendments for Croplands



Durnin-Vermette, Francis

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University of Guelph


In this thesis I analyse manure decay using a variety of methods, and use the results to inform the modification of a \ac{SOC} model with the goal of improving SOC prediction accuracy for manure-amended croplands.

The methods used in the first three chapters are:

  1. qualitative literature review of manure \ac{C} mineralization experiments,
  2. quantitative literature review of much the same papers with the goal of establishing relationships between manure decay rates and animal type, composting treatment, manure pH, and manure C/N, and
  3. calculation of manure decay parameters and correlation analysis.

In the final chapter, the results from the preceding chapters are used to inform the modification of an SOC model: manure-C accounting and a rate-modifying factor for manure. The modifications increased SOC estimation accuracy for long-term field experiments, but not for a typical Ontario production farm. Manure composting treatment, storage type, and manure C/N are good predictors of manure decomposition dynamics in SOC models.



Manure, Carbon, Process-based, Model, Incubation, C Mineralization, Sensitivity Analysis, Optimization, Organic Amendment, SOC, Carbon Sequestration, C/N, Model Modification