Immunity to and transport of sporozoites of Eimeria species in the domestic fowl, Gallus domesticus

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Beattie, Savannah Ellen

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University of Guelph


Eimeria maxima sporozoites penetrate epithelial cells, are transported through the lamina propria and continue development within the crypt epithelium. In immunized birds challenged with the homologous strain, sporozoites tend to accumulate in the lamina propria with few reaching the crypts by 72 hours post-challenge. The lack of cross-protection previously observed between the Guelph and Florida strains of E. maxima was partially manifested at the level of sporozoite transport. A higher percentage of sporozoites reached the crypt epithelium in immunized birds challenged with the heterologous strain than in immunized birds challenged with the homologous strain. Sporozoites of E. necatrix were observed within mononuclear cells that were CD 3\sp+ (15%), CD 8\sp+ (13-22%), δγ TCR\sp+ (5%) and αβ TCR\sp+ (5%) lymphocytes. Sporozoites were not observed within CD 4\sp+ or IgM\sp+ lymphocytes. A proportion ($>$50%) of sporozoites are transported within cells not stained by the panel of antibodies used in this study.



Domestic fowl, Sporozoites, Eimeria species, Immunized birds, Crypt epithelium