The effect of charisma and intellectual stimulation on task and attitude-related outcomes: an experimental investigation

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Hochman, Bari

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University of Guelph


This study examined the effect of Bass' (1985) transformational leadership on task and attitude-related outcomes in an experimental setting. More specifically, two dimensions of the theory, charisma and intellectual stimulation were investigated in isolation and in combination. Eighty students participated in the lab study, which involved completing a binding task. Charisma and intellectual stimulation led to increased performance quantity in isolation. However, in combination performance quantity did not differ from the condition that displayed no transformational leadership behaviors. In addition, there was no difference across the conditions in performance quality. Task-related attitudes were examined including: satisfaction with the leader, effort toward the task, task clarity, satisfaction with the task, trust in the leader, meaningfulness of the task and responsibility towards the task. Only trust in the leader differed across the conditions. Participants rated the leaders who displayed charismatic behaviors as less trustworthy than the leaders who displayed non-charismatic behaviors.



transformational leadership behaviours, task outcomes, attitude-related outcomes, charisma, charismatic behaviours, intellectual stimulation, performance quantity