Comparison of solid, liquid and storage runoff manure on tile drain and groundwater quality - Final report



Taylor, Heather E.
Foran, Mary Ellen

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Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Energy


Two manure applications of solid manure, liquid manure, and runoff containment were monitored following land application to compare the relative bacterial and nutrient loading to tile drains. These spreading events took place in September and October of 1992. In both the September and October manure applications the liquid manure and runoff containment resulted in tile drain contamination. The spreading of liquid manure resulted in the greatest level of bacterial and nutrient loading, the bacterial biotracer concentrations were approximately 7 times greater than those monitored following the application of the runoff containment. The application of the runoff containment also resulted in bacterial and chemical contamination in the tile drain water, although the level of contamination was less significant than that of the liquid manure. Solid manure application did not result in tile drain or groundwater contamination. Soil bacteria analysis indicated movement of the bacterial biotracer within the soil profile to a depth of 70-75 cm following liquid manure application in both trials.


Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Waste Management Reports


manure application, solid manure, liquid manure, runoff contaminants, bacteria, nutrient loading, tile drains, water quality, biotracer, groundwater