Water management: Policies, guidelines, Provincial Water Quality Objectives of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy



Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Energy

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Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Energy


This 1994 publication contains the Ministry of Environment and Energy policies and guidelines for the management of the province's water resources. It gives direction on how to manage the quality and quantity of both surface and ground waters. With respect to surface water quality the goal is to ensure that the water quality is satisfactory for aquatic life and recreation and that water uses which require more stringent water quality be protected on a site specific basis. The Provincial Water Quality Objectives (PWQO's) will protect aquatic life and recreation uses and policy direction is provided about how to deal with situations where water quality is better or worse than the Objectives. Ground water quality is to be preserved to protect the greatest number of uses. Surface and ground-water quantity is to be managed to ensure a fair sharing, conservation, and sustainability of the resource.


Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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water management, ecosystem management, pollution prevention, abatement, Provincial Water Quality Objectives and Guidelines, surface water, groundwater, water quality, water quality management, water quantity management