Leading with Landscape: Enhancing the Process for Cultural Landscape Adaptive Reuse in Ontario



Shuttle, Steven

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University of Guelph


Ontario’s cultural landscapes are evolving places facing challenges of growth and conservation. While other jurisdictions have moved toward more integrated approaches that center cultural landscape conservation within the broader spatial planning process, Ontario’s legislative framework and guidance can result in a siloed approach. The goal of this thesis is to critique the current process and suggest next steps for a holistic, integrated, and future-oriented process for the adaptive reuse of post-institutional cultural landscapes in Ontario. This will draw upon other Canadian and international landscape approaches that consider ecological, social, cultural and economic factors. This research uses mixed-methods including a literature scan, process mapping, an Ontario cultural landscape practitioner focus group, analysis, synthesis, and reflection. This research puts forward recommendations that build on current cultural landscape practice, which are intended to serve as a reference for practitioners in developing their own approaches to adaptive reuse projects that lead with landscape.



cultural landscape, heritage conservation, adaptive reuse, Ontario Heritage Act