Diet Quality Indices as Measures of Food and Nutrient Intake Change in a Lifestyle Intervention for Metabolic Syndrome




Rodrigues, Ariellia

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University of Guelph


It is currently estimated that one in five Canadians over the age of 18 have metabolic syndrome. The Canadian Health Advanced by Nutrition and Graded Exercise (CHANGE) study was a prospective cohort study that aimed to reduce the prevalence of metabolic syndrome through a lifestyle intervention delivered in a primary care setting. This sub-study used data from the CHANGE project to examine the relationship between diet quality scoring tools and nutrient intakes. The results suggest there is evidence for inter-method reliability between the Healthy Eating Index and nutrient analysis, whereas the association between nutrient intakes and the Mediterranean Diet Score was weak. Components of the respective diet quality scores were stronger indicators of nutrient intake changes than the total scores and are worth investigating further in relation to behaviour changes. More research is needed to explore the relationship between diet quality and clinical outcomes as well as potential applications in clinical practice.



Diet Assessment, Diet Quality, Healthy Eating Index, Mediterranean Diet Score, Metabolic Syndrome, Lifestyle Intervention, Primary Care