Year and Plant Population Density Effects on Ear Initial Development and Grain Yield




Moum, Graham

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University of Guelph


Maize early ear development is a portion of grain yield allocation that is not well understood. Recent work suggests that not all florets develop properly and at high planting densities a larger proportion of these florets do not develop normally. Ear initial and grain yield traits for nine genotypes were analyzed over three years using five plant population treatments. The number of normally developed florets was not significantly different from the number of kernels found on an ear but correlation analysis demonstrated that the relationship was not consistent across treatments. Grain yield was also not explained to the expected extent by floret morphology one week prior to silking. Both of these observations suggest that further study is required for a better understanding of floret development and it’s relation to kernel number. Data for kernel weight (KW) demonstrated both source and sink components are important for KW determination.



Maize, Early ear development, Grain yield, Florets, Kernel number