Agricultural watershed studies, Great Lakes Drainage Basin, Canada, semi-annual summary progress report, 1975 - 1976



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The 1975-1976 programme for the Agricultural Watershed Studies (Task C - Activity 1 (Canada), International Reference Group on Great Lakes Pollution from Land Use Activities (PLUARG) was described in the report "Agricultural Watershed Studies - Great Lakes Drainage Basin - Canada, Annual Report 1974 - 1975, April 1975". This programme consists of a two-phase study (a monitoring phase and a detailed study phase), and was developed to meet the following objectives: Phase I (Monitoring Programme): To measure the ambient concentration and loading rates for various potential pollutants that occur with agricultural land use. Phase II (Detailed Studies Programme): 1) To determine the effects of the soil, land use and associated practices on ambient concentrations and loading rates of selected pollutants from agriculture. 2) To derive information on the mechanics of transport and storage of these pollutants within the selected agricultural watersheds. 3) To develop relationships so that the information derived can be utilized in a predictive sense and extrapolated to other areas. Phase III (Future Requirements) To develop remedial measures where significant problems are identified. The Semi-Annual Summary Reporst for the individual projects within the Agricultural Watershed Studies are contained in this report.



Archive of Agri-Environmental Programs in Ontario, Pollution from Land Use Activities Reference Group, PLUARG, Ag Watershed Studies Progree Reports, watershed, monitoring programmes, pollutants, agriculture, soil, pollutant transport