Efficacy of fungicide products for control of dollar spot on a USGA putting green

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Lyons, E.M.
Jordan, K.S.
Watson, J.R.
Howard, E.

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Guelph Turfgrass Institute


Dollar spot caused by the fungal pathogen Clarireedia jacksonii is one of the most common and damaging foliar pathogens of low-cut golf course turf. This disease is of importance from both an economic and functional aspect. Putting greens can become very inconsistent playing surfaces if the disease is left untreated and aesthetics are also unacceptable for end users. Five commercially available fungicide products on a fourteen day spray interval were compared with an untreated control in this study to determine efficacy. Plots were challenged with inoculum to ensure disease pressure was consistent across all treatments. Turfgrass populations and percent disease damage were determined using point-quadrat method. NDVI and turf colour and quality were also recorded at 7 and ~13 days post-treatment applications. All plots treated with fungicide performed similarly and had significantly less damage from the pathogen than the untreated control. Significant differences in NDVI, turfgrass colour and quality were observed.



USGA putting green, Penn A-4, Creeping bentgrass, Annual bluegrass, Dollar spot, Clarireedia jacksonii, Inoculum, Point-quadrat, Traction, Secure, Mirage, Maxtima, Dedicate, GTI annual reports, 2020