A framework for determining the compatability of wildlife with urban stormwater management practices



Gosselin, Heather Marie

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University of Guelph


Urban stormwater management practices have the potential to allow for spaces with multi-uses, including the integration of wildlife. The goal of this thesis is to develop a tool to help professionals in the field of stormwater management determine whether wildlife is compatible with urban stormwater management facilities at a site-specific scale. A literature review on stormwater management and wildlife management disclosed a number of key concepts that were integrated into a decision framework called the Ecological Stormwater Management Facility Framework (ESMFF). The ESMFF describes the relationship of the key concepts surrounding the integration of wildlife management guidelines with stormwater management design guidelines, while maintaining the functional goals of stormwater management, and without compromising the health of local wildlife populations. The ESMFF is illustrated by three hypothetical applications. The framework, primarily research tool, will evolve to an implementation tool as more research becomes available and as more designers use the framework.



urban stormwater management, integration, wildlife, urban stormwater management facilities, wildlife management, Ecological Stormwater Management Facility Framework