Flood damages in the Grand River Basin



Frigon, Paul

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Ontario Ministry of the Environment


Fourteen communities in the Grand River Basin have urban flood damages that are large and/or frequent enough to be considered significant. These communities are: Grand Valley, Elora, Kitchener(Bridgeport), Guelph, Cambridge (Hespeler), Cambridge (Preston), Cambridge(Galt) , Paris, New Hamburg, Plattsville, Ayr, Brantford, Haldimand(Caledonia) and Dunnville. The concept of Average Annual Damage is used to provide one number that weigh the magnitude and frequency of expected flood damages at a given site. This number may then be used in cost/benefit analysis of flood damage reduction alternatives. Total Average Annual Damages for the six major floodprone centres in the basin (Cambridge, Paris, New hamburg, Brantford, Caledonia and Dunnville) for the existing reservoir and dyking systems are $985,000 (1979). This includes direct and indirect damages to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional structures and contents. Proposed reservoir and dyking systems can reduce the Average Annual Damages of these communities by over 90%.


Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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flood, flood control, flood damage, flow-frequency, flow-damage, stage-flow, stage-damage