The “G” in “Glamping”: Exploring the Key Factors Contributing to Canada and U.S. Glamper’s Satisfaction and Glampsite Rebooking Intentions

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Ma, Wenxiao

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University of Guelph


Glamping, a trendy outdoor hospitality product, has received minimal academic attention. The purpose of this thesis is to explore the key predictors of North American glampers’ satisfaction and rebooking intention. Meanwhile, the study reviewed and picked five constructs (physical environment, interaction, outcome, access, and enjoyment) and proposed an exploratory conceptual framework. An online panel survey was employed with 423 valid samples collected for a quantitative analysis. Results suggest that both the quality of the physical environment and accessibility predict glampers’ satisfaction. Furthermore, accommodation settings could influence the prediction effects of physical environment quality and the interaction quality. The study also conducted a cluster analysis based on two open-ended questions. Concept maps generated by Leximancer demonstrated a comprehensive picture of more contributors to glamping satisfaction and rebooking intention. Findings of the study provide theoretical implications for future glamping studies as well as managerial inspirations for glampsite owners.



Glamping, Outdoor hospitality, Experiential quality, Satisfaction, Rebooking intention