A feasibility study for augmenting Avon River flow by ground water

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Hydrology and Monitoring Section, Water Resources Branch, Ontario Ministry of the Environment

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Queen's Printer for Ontario


This report considers the feasibility of using ground water to augment stream flow in the Avon River. A review of existing well records and geologic maps of bedrock and overburden was undertaken. Ground-water chemistry was assessed by a sampling and analysis program for area wells. Results show that sufficient quantities of water might be available from bedrock sources near the river to provide for augmentation of 1 to 3 cfs. Pilot studies to identify well sites and assess well yields and interference problems would be required as part of further studies. As a cost reducing measure, the possibility of augmentation from Stratford city wells could be explored. Based on ground-water and stream-water chemistry, the use of ground water for flow augmentation would serve to dilute most water quality constituents thus improving water quality. (Work undertaken subsequent to the completion of this report inidictes that an acceptable level of dilution for phosphorus would require in excess of 25 cfs or 9,000 gpm of augmentation, compared to the 1 to 3 cfs considered necessary at the time of the study documented in this report. In view of the much larger amounts of water now considered necessary, it is considered unlikely that bedrock aquifers in the study area could practically provide this level of augmentation.)


Stratford-Avon River Environmental Management Project (SAREMP)
Stream Management Sub-Committee


river, water quality, groundwater, stream flow, flow augmentation, water chemistry