O. A. C. Review Volume XXXVII Issue 7, March 1925



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Ontario Agricultural College


This issue begins with an article by Professor Unwin on oratory. The agricultural articles in this issue pertain to the marketing of rutabagas, the objectives of the Ontario Honey Producers Co-operative, propagating tomatoes and roses, and the breeding of Guernsey cattle. Other articles provide a summary of the work of the Ontario Agricultural and Experimental Union, and a translation of a German article regarding Canada and immigration. Printed in this issue is the prize winning essay on comparing horsepower to tractor power in farming. The editorial addresses the development of Canadian literature and the theatre production of "The Gypsy Rover". Campus news reports on the visit by Canadian poet Charles G. D. Roberts, the success of the annual Conversat, the I. O. D. E. dance, and the C. O. T. C. banquet. The athletic column contains updates on the basketball, hockey, and assault-at-arms teams. The Alumni column provides an update of alumni activities. The Macdonald Institute column highlights the trials and tribulations of second year demonstration work, and alumnae updates.



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