Phytase in high-moisture corn based liquid diets for starter pigs



Columbus, Daniel Allan

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University of Guelph


Two experiments were conducted to examine the impact of steeping high-moisture corn (HMCorn) with phytase on performance and phosphorus ( P) utilization in liquid-fed starter pigs. When HMCorn is steeped with 125 FTU/kg phytase at 25°C, 85% of phytate-P is released. Supplemental phytase had no impact on average daily gain or feed efficiency of pigs fed HMCorn-based diets ('P' > 0.10). Whole body and metacarpal P mass were improved with the addition of phytase (P < 0.05). Metacarpal breaking strength was improved at 125 FTU/kg DM HMCorn or greater (' P' < 0.05). These results provide further evidence that the P requirement for maximum growth in starter pigs is not adequate for maximum skeletal mineralization. There appears to be no benefit of steeping HMCorn with phytase prior to feeding. Phytase has greater efficacy in liquid diets than in dry diets.



high-moisture corn, phytase, performance, phosphorus utilization, liquid-fed, starter pigs, feed efficiency, growth, skeletal mineralization, liquid diet