The global and local discourse on climate change misinformation: The perspective based on the conversations on X (formerly known Twitter) and Iranian agricultural advisors


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University of Guelph


Recently, online and social media platforms have gained popularity for sharing information about climate change within the agricultural sector in Iran. However, agricultural advisors' understanding about misinformation about this issue is significant. In this study, a mixed method was used to collect public tweets related to climate change misinformation on X, and the most common conversations around it were identified. The X findings were used to examine the Iranian agricultural advisors' perception regarding this issue. X analysis revealed factors like financial interests, organizations and influential individuals as prominent. Eco chambers were evident on both X and Iranian agricultural advisors. The Q methodology revealed four distinct groups of advisors with diverse perceptions. Effective monitoring by advisors was noted in combating this issue, while participants held diverse views about actors and factors influencing it.



Climate change, Agriculture, Online media, Misinformation, Iranian agriculture