Rural Beaches Strategy Program Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority target sub-basin study report - Study period: April 1, 1987 to March 31, 1988



Hocking, Doug

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Queen's Printer for Ontario


This is the second year report of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority's Target Sub-basin Study. This is a component of the Provincial Rural Beaches Strategy Program which is funded and administered by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Direction is provided by the Provincial Rural Beaches Environmental Management Strategy Planning and Advisory Committee (PRUBEMSPAC). The goal of the A.B.C.A. Study is to reduce bacterial contamination of a sub-basin of the Parkhill Creek Watershed which discharges to Lake Huron at Grand Bend. To this end, corrective measures have addressed existing sources of bacterial contamination in an intensively monitored agricultural sub-watershed. The development of a watershed bacterial contamination abatement strategy is an objective of this study. This report summarizes ongoing water column, drain sediment analysis and cooperative research with the M.O.E. Southwestern Region to March 31, 1988. The completion of the remedial construction projects is outlined in this report. The material presented herein complements the first A.B.C.A. Target Sub-basin Study Report (which also incorporated a literature review) released in September 1987.



Archive of Agri-Environmental Programs in Ontario, Rural Beaches Strategy Program, RBS, Clean Up Rural Beaches Program, CURB, watershed, rural beaches, water quality, pollution, agriculture, remediation, bacteria, sediment