White paper on watershed-based source protection planning

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Integrated Environmental Planning Division, Strategic Policy Branch, Ontario Ministry of the Environment

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Ontario Ministry of the Environment


The purpose of this White Paper is: 1) To inform Ontarians of the proposed approach for the development of a watershed-based source water protection program, including how stakeholders and the public will be involved.; 2) To describe the legislative framework proposed for the development and approval of source water protection plans.; and, 3) To examine ways of ensuring Ontario has a sustainable supply of water by enhancing its management of water takings. including improvements to the Ministry's water takings program and the development of a framework that would govern how those who take water should be charged. This White Paper is put before Ontarians for discussion and comment. The responses and advice that are received will help refine Ontario's policy and legislative framework for source water protection planning. It will also help to identify needed improvements to our water taking programs and to inform the development of a framework for water taking charges.



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