Counter Melodies and Creativity: Filling the gaps in a rural Colorado school

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This chapter provides an introduction to the Pre-Texts method for integrating civics, innovation, and literacy. It draws on the experience of Lindsay Bobyak and Sophie Brown in using Pre-Texts with elementary students as part of Creative Roots Collective, which provides educational opportunities in rural Colorado. This chapter provides tangible strategies for elementary teachers and educators which can improve literacy and oracy outcomes for students and bridge the gap between the idealism and practicality of a creative, collaborative, and co-owned classroom experience. The chapter provides vignettes of the arts-based protocol in action and breaks down the component Pre-Texts activities. Finally, the authors look at positive changes in student behavior and provide guidance for integrating Pre-Texts into the classroom.

Pre-Texts, Elementary education, arts integration, arts-based learning, literacy, civic education
Chapter info: Brown, S. & Bobyak, L. (2023). “Counter Melodies and Creativity: Filling the gaps in a rural Colorado school.” In Parks, M. (Ed.), Impactful Classroom Experiences in Elementary Schools (Chapter 6, pp. 127-154). IGI Global.