The Influence of Adaptive Management Practices on the Success of Ecological Landscapes in Southern Ontario: Lessons for Landscape Architecture




Trendle, Chelsey

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University of Guelph


Ecological design projects face many challenges in intensively modified landscapes that threaten the long-term integrity of natural systems. Intensification of surrounding land uses and increasing recreational pressures present numerous obstacles for conservation land managers. This research investigates the existing land management strategies of public and private agencies in Southern Ontario. The goal is to determine how adaptive management and ecological design principles contribute to the long-term success of conservation and habitat enhancement projects in intensively modified landscapes. Six case studies form the basis of this investigation; a review of existing management plans and semi-structured interviews inform a comparative analysis of current land management regimes. Results are used to determine how metrics for land management, informed by ecological design goals, contribute to the adaptive management process and the ability of landscape architects to achieve long-term success in their ecological design projects.



adaptive management, ecological design, ecological landscapes, land management, conservation