Women’s Professional Sport Fans: The Canadian Market

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University of Guelph


This study examined the consumption patterns, behaviours, and attitudes of women’s sport consumers in Canada. First, a general profile of women’s sport consumers was established. Next, the study focused on identifying key differences between high- and low-level women’s sport consumers based on their consumption habits and demographic information. Finally, the theory of planned behaviour was implemented to reveal any impact attitudes, subjective norms and perceived behavioural control have on consumption intentions. High-level consumers were more likely to identify as female, were younger, and exhibited more fluid fan tendencies. Low-level consumers were slightly older, more evenly split across genders, and were more likely to engage with women's sport on TV. Excitement, supporting women’s opportunities in sport, social bonding, perceived behavioural control and subjective norms all significantly predicted consumption intentions. This research is useful for any organizations, businesses or leagues that have an interest in the growth of women’s sport.



Women's professional sport, Fluid fans, Canada, Theory of planned behaviour