Water management: Goals, policies, objectives and implementation procedures of the Ministry of the Environment

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Ontario Ministry of the Environment

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Ontario Ministry of the Environment


In 1970. the Ontario Water Resources Commission published a booklet entitled "Guidelines and Criteria for Water Quality Management in Ontario". This publication is a revised and expanded edition of the 1970 booklet, organized to reflect current policies for water management in Ontario. There are four main components, namely: 1) Surface water quality management; 2) Surface water quantity management; 3) Ground water quality management; and 4) Ground water quantity management. These four management programs are closely interrelated. In managing the water resources of the Province both the quality and quantity aspects of surface and ground waters must be considered. The programs which have been developed reflect these inter-relationships. In each program, a Goal statement is presented, and the Policies adopted to achieve the Goal are outlined. Following this are the detailed "Implementation Procedures" for carrying out the Policies. This publication outlines the water management program of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Other aspects of water management not under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Environment are covered by other Federal and Provincial agencies, particularly the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. (Originally published November 1978, Revised May 1984)


Ontario Ministry of the Environment
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surface water, groundwater, quality management, quantity management, Provincial Water Quality Objectives, implementation