Landscape Design Guidelines for Enduring Industrial and Manufacturing Spaces: A case study of the working waterfront of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

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Weir, Caitlyn

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University of Guelph


Since the 19th century, industry has sought to incorporate green space into their landscape, beginning with the factory garden and continuing through to corporate landscapes today. Academic literature does not address best practices for designing industrial and manufacturing landscapes. The goal of this research is to create design guidelines for industrial landscape architecture that will be developed through a literature review and critiqued using key informant questionnaires and a critical case study. The results showed that the design guidelines developed provide a foundation for addressing environmental and social outcomes of industrial landscapes by prompting the designer to reflect about the impacts of their design, and reframing sustainability as enduring to promote active connotations. This research aims to contribute to the quality of life for rural communities that are integrated with industry and build knowledge on best practices for the design of industrial spaces.



industrial landscape design, sustainable industry, guideline, human-environment systems, enduring design