O. A. C. Review Volume XXXVII Issue 10, June 1925

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Ontario Agricultural College


This issue begins with an article on the contributions of the O. A. C. Deans of Residence. Articles on experimental research address propagating potatoes in Ontario and new methods in ice cream technology. Horticultural articles pertain to propagating apples and the discipline of studying horticulture. Other articles provide an account of the Agricultural Enquiry Committee, the need for registration of beekeepers, and the effects of foot and mouth disease. One alumnus writes of his experience as a dog owner. Campus news focuses on the activities of the end of the school year such as the O. A. C. Baccalaureate Service. The Alumni column provides an update of alumni activities. The Macdonald Institute column highlights Mac Hall hosting the junior members of the Ontario Women's Institutes, and alumnae updates.



OAC Review, College news, editorial, agriculture, poetry, college song, O. A. C. Deans of Residence, J. B. Reynolds, D. H. Jones, R. R. Graham, G. H. Unwin, Agricultural Enquiry Committee, potato, food crop, apiculture, bee diseases, registration, ice cream technology, food science, horticulture, apples, Alsatian Shepherd, German Shepherd, dog, foot and mouth disease, O. A. C. farmers' week, Junior Institutes, domestic science, household chemistry, college dinning hall, Mac Hall elections, Ontario Women's Institutes, O. A. C. Baccalaureate Service, birth announcement, wedding announcement, Macdonald Institute, alumnae, local news, personals, alumni, Guelph, advertising