Elucidating variation in somatic cell lines that influence reprogramming potential

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Toorani, Tahmineh

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University of Guelph


Somatic cell biobanking and related technologies, such as SCNT and induction of PSCs, hold promise for wildlife conservation, but have yet to achieve optimal success. Along with studies demonstrating donor cell contribution, our previous work revealed that significant SCNT outcome differences exist from donor cell lines within and between individuals of a species. Though basic cellular characteristics are evaluated prior to SCNT, the necessity for a standardized characterization method for somatic cell lines has become increasingly evident. This thesis examines inter- and intra-individual variability in cell lines as putative biomarkers of donor cell reprogramming potential. Bovine fibroblast cell lines from parameter-matched donors were assessed for variability on cellular and molecular levels. Molecular parameters showed some statistically significant differences, but their biological relevance remains questionable with the information at hand. This study lays the foundation for understanding cell line characteristics. Further studies are required to determine any correlation with reprogramming potential.



Biobanking, Nuclear reprogramming, Somatic cell nuclear transfer, SCNT, Induced pluripotent stem cells, iPSC, Wildlife conservation, Bovine fibroblasts, Donor cell, Donor nucleus, Genome resource banking, Nuclear reprogramming potential, Donor nucleus contribution, Donor cell characteristics, Somatic cell lines