Consistent individual differences in behaviour are not predicted by metabolic phenotype of offspring from migrant and resident Brook Trout




Strnad, Cameron

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University of Guelph


I tested the hypothesis that consistent individual differences (CIDs) in behaviour arise from CIDs in metabolic performance using offspring from polymorphic Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) from Lake Superior and its tributaries. Large, fast-growing migrants move between tributaries and the lake. Small, slow-growing residents remain in the tributaries. Four measures of behaviour: risk-taking, general activity, association with a conspecific, and propensity to disperse; as well as three measures metabolic performance: standard and maximum metabolic rate, and aerobic scope, was quantified for 60 individuals (age 2+) from migrant-migrant and migrant-resident families. Three of four behavioural measures and all of the metabolic measures were repeatable. CIDs in behaviour were not related to CIDs in metabolic performance. Further, the nature of correlations between behaviour and metabolic performance did not differ between migrant-migrant and migrant-resident offspring. The mechanisms underlying relationships between CIDs in behaviour and metabolism are likely more complex than hypothesized in current models.



Brook Trout, standard metabolic rate, maximum metabolic rate, aerobic scope, behaviour, repeatability