Strategies for the development, implementation and monitoring of agricultural nonpoint source pollution control programs in Ontario



Loeffler, Anne

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Queen's Printer for Ontario


Several Ontario Conservation Authorities and municipalities are in the process of developing programs to address surface water contamination from rural nonpoint sources. Local municipalities who see the need for source water protection to decrease the cost of water treatment are typically funding these programs. Municipalities may also be facing rising costs for incremental upgrades to sewage treatment plants, and are therefore looking for alternative mechanisms for improving surface water quality. The objective of this report is to provide guidance on how to develop, implement and monitor an agricultural nonpoint source (NPS) pollution control program, incorporating lessons learned from past programs. Suggestions and strategies are provided on program development and delivery. This report is written for conservation authorities and other agencies involved in the development and implementation of agricultural NPS pollution control programs.


Rural Beaches Strategy (RBS) Program
Clean Up Rural Beaches (CURB) Program


surface water, surface water contamination, rural nonpoint source, water quality, agricultural nonpoint source, pollution control