The nuclear structure of 112Cd studied through the 111Cd(d,p)112Cd single neutron transfer reaction




Jamieson, Andrew Spencer

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University of Guelph


The cadmium isotopes have been cited as excellent examples of vibrational nuclei for decades, with multi-phonon quadrupole, quadrupole-octupole, and mixed-symmetry states proposed. A large amount of spectroscopic data has been obtained from a variety of experiments, recently focused on gamma-ray studies. In the present work, the single particle structure of 112Cd has been investigated using the 111Cd(d,p)112Cd reaction. The high energy resolution investigation was carried out using a 22 MeV beam of polarized deuterons obtained from the Maier-Leibnitz Laboratory at Garching, Germany. The reaction ejectiles were momentum analyzed using a Q3D magnetic spectrometer, and 129 levels have been identified up to 4.2 MeV of excitation energy. Spin-parity has been assigned to each analyzed level, and angular distributions for the reaction cross sections and analyzing powers were obtained. Optical model calculations have been performed, and the calculated angular distributions were compared with the experimental cross sections and analyzing powers. Many additional levels have been observed compared with the previous (d,p) study performed with 8 MeV deuterons, including strongly populated 5- and 6- states. The former was previously assigned as a member of the quadrupole-octupole quintuplet, based on a strongly enhanced B(E2) value to the 3- state, but is now reassigned as being predominately s1/2 x h11/2 two-quasineutron configuration.



transfer reactions, direct reactions, vibrational structure, DWBA, ADWA, nuclear structure