Promoting Ethical Consumption: The Role of Performance Risk and Regulatory Focus on Purchase Intent of Multifinal Ethical Products




Habib, Rishad

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University of Guelph


More and more companies are professing their desire to fulfill ethical goals as well as functional ones, nevertheless the research on ethical products from a multiple goals perspective is scant. Additionally self-regulatory focus is yet to be applied to the area of multifinality. Two studies explore the relationship between additional ethical goals, perceived performance risk and regulatory focus on purchase intent. It was found that participants' chronic regulatory focus interacted with the number of goals a product claims to fulfill in such a way that the higher the predominance of promotion focus in individuals the greater their purchase intent for two goal products. In addition it was found that the effect occurred through a serial mediation of resource allocation followed by perceived performance risk. These findings contribute to various aspects of consumer psychology, social psychology, and ethical business literature and provide substantial implications for marketing ethical products.



Ethical Consumption, Multifinal ethical products, Performance risk, Regulatory focus, Marketing ethical products