The interaction between beliefs and evaluations of milk: application of the theory of reasoned action



McCann, Melanie

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University of Guelph


The purpose of this study is to identify the beliefs, evaluations and attitudes that consumers have of milk, to identify reasons why consumers choose not to consume milk, and to identify the elements that affect their motivation to consume milk. This study provides linkages between the dairy industry, the advertising industry and the ultimate consumer. A qualitative pre-test was conducted which was used to formulate the questionnaire used in the current study. During the current study, online questionnaires were administered to COST* 1000 Introductory Marketing students, which consisted of both qualitative and quantitative sections. The results indicate that individuals age 18-25 feel that milk has a child image and that milk consumption is not socially acceptable. Price elasticity was also examined to determine consumers' sensitivity to change in beverage prices. An extended conceptual framework of the Theory of Reasoned Action Model is proposed using the findings from both the qualitative and quantitative portions of the study to illustrate the relationship between the various influential attitude and motivational factors.



Milk, Consumers, Beliefs, Evaluations, Attitudes