Hydrodynamic computer model of major water movement patterns in Lake Simcoe



Tsansis, I. K.

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Queen's Printer for Ontario


An understanding of water movement patterns in Lake Simcoe is essential. A quasi three-dimensional model was developed that takes into account the nonuniformity of the velocity in the vertical, which is the case in the presence of wind and was applied to Lake Simcoe under isothermal conditions, i.e., spring, fall and winter periods. The individual tasks are given below: (1) Application of the quasi-3D model for Lake Simcoe (grid size = 500 m x 500 m) for 4 cases (10 m/s from the west, east, north and south directions) in order to obtain the current patterns at surface, at the upper layer, mid- depth and close to the bottom. (2) Using Environment Canada wind records (real wind data from 1990) for the spring and fall period (several days duration including two high wind events during each season). (3) Graphics development for the presentation of the current patterns and the particle trajectories. (4) Description of the program capabilities and the hardware and software requirements needed for program execution.


Lake Simcoe Environmental Management Strategy (LSEMS) Implementation Program


hydrodynamic computer model, water movement patterns, 3D model, velocity, isothermal conditions