Spreading sustainability throughout Guelph!

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Foti, L.

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My World, My Choice! is an educational program that teaches students about sustainability and challenges them to grow as leaders in their schools and communities. An existing partnership stems from the University of Guelph to the community. Over the past two years members have volunteered to mentor youth within the Guelph community and currently deliver our program to three elementary public schools: Rickson Ridge, Jean Little, and Aberfoyle Public Schools.Each school's participation in the program has inspired a total of over 800 students to create projects to reduce their school's footprint in ways such as: community gardens, paper and waste management; improved use of their school facility; bottle free lunches. We have also trained over fifty mentors from the University of Guelph. These enthusiastic young undergrads learned and passed on knowledge about sustainability and grew just as much as, if not more than the elementary students themselves. My World, My Choice! plans to continue to expand in with the addition of more school partners and also a new outreach incentive that will have us engaged at various community events. We have seen many insightful and inspiring ideas result from these projects, and we will continue to challenge students to become the forward thinking leaders of their generation. www.myworldmychoice.org/guelph


This collection of 52 posters was presented at the Partnership Practices: Working with Community, Industry and Government event. This event was designed to highlight community-university partnerships for research and other purposes from across the university and community at a one-day event held at the Quebec Street Mall in the City of Guelph, Ontario. The website for the event and all resources is www.csahs.uoguelph.ca/pps


partnership practices, mentoring, University of Guelph, abstract, poster, education, working with schools, international partnership, global climate change