Flavour Analysis of Green Tea Enriched Cookies using Sensory and Instrumental Techniques

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Sisopha, Anita

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University of Guelph


The health benefits of consuming green tea enriched food products stem from the catechins within the green tea leaves. However, these catechins elicit negative sensory properties that can negatively influence the consumer liking of the green tea food product. Therefore, this research examines the flavours of green tea enriched sugar-snap cookies using sensory and instrumental techniques. Relations were found between headspace volatile compounds determined from selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) and sensory properties of the cookies. Five volatiles that had a significant impact on the flavour of the samples were found. Flavour perception is a dynamic process because volatiles change as the product is chewed. Sensory properties and in-mouth volatiles were examined using dynamic techniques of temporal dominance of sensations (TDS) and SIFT-MS. TDS revealed the most dominant attributes in the three samples and descriptive analysis confirmed the perception. The descriptors of the volatiles complemented the sensory attributes.



green tea, flavour, volatile, sensory, temporal, SIFT-MS, Temporal dominance of sensations, dynamic, cookies, astringent