Impediments to adoption of recommended milking practices by Canadian dairy farmers

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Belage, Emilie
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University of Guelph

Objectives of this thesis were: (1) describe the consistency of producers with their milking routines, identify areas of higher variability, determine how well milking practices are being implemented; (2) describe the proportion of adoption of recommended milking practices (RMPs) across all Canadian provinces, and investigate differences across regions, milking systems, herd size and bulk tank SCC; (3) identify barriers and motivators for adoption of RMPs. Farm-to-farm differences and variations between cows during a specific milking accounted for the largest part of the variability observed. Most Canadian dairy farmers adopted RMPs, but some are not as extensively used as others. Adoption of practices was significantly associated with milking system, herd size, and region. Main barriers to adoption of RMPs included personal habits, not perceiving udder health as a priority, and lack of information/misinformation. Producers listed incentives for better milk quality as a motivator to implement RMPs and work on udder health.

dairy, milking practices, udder health, adoption