"I loved her ... I killed her": the construction of intimate partner homicide in Canadian print media



Fairbairn, Jordan

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University of Guelph


News reporting of intimate partner homicide has the potential to reveal and reproduce societal assumptions and biases that, in turn, help to create and sustain an ideology which allows violence against women to persist. Working from a constructionist and feminist standpoint, this study fills a gap in the literature by asking: How are intimate partner homicides constructed by Canadian print media, and do these constructions vary by gender of the perpetrator and the victim and over time? To address these questions, newspaper coverage of intimate partner homicide was collected from three daily newspapers (' Toronto Star, Toronto Sun,' and 'Globe and Mail ') over two time periods (1975-1979 and 1998-2002). Regression analysis and frame analysis were used to examine how these crimes are portrayed and to identify if and how these portrayals vary according to gender of the victim and the perpetrator and over time. Policy implications and directions for future research are discussed.



news reporting, intimate partner homicide, societal assumptions, biases, Canadian print media, constructions, gender