The construction of an NMR microimaging instrument



Schroeder, Christian B. K.

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University of Guelph


The principle focus of this thesis is the design and construction of a nuclear magnetic resonance microimaging instrument ('[mu]MRI'). An introduction to basic NMR spectroscopy and imaging theory is presented as background information, and the requirements for a microimaging instrument are discussed. Images of phantoms and a plant stem are displayed illustrating resolutions of better than 20 [mu]m and signal-to-noise ratios of better than 20. The [mu]MRI is based on a Bruker 86 MHz electromagnet, homebuilt NMR spectroscopy hardware, a PC, and a home-built microimaging probe using two sets of quadrupolar and one set of planer gradient coils. Gradients of up to ~7 * 10-1 T/(A·m) have been produced.



NMR microimaging instrument, construction, design, home-built microimaging probe, spectroscopy hardware