Chinese township and village enterprises orientation towards management

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Lui, Stella S.Y.

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University of Guelph


This thesis is an investigation into the managerial orientation of Chinese township and village enterprises (TVEs) managers towards generally accepted management practices in North American business schools, i.e. the managers' awareness, knowledge and application of these practices. The purpose of this research is to provide information for and guidance in the preparation of management-training programs for TVEs managers. Twenty medium-sized food-processing businesses in Zhejiang, China were chosen for personal interviews. The results were used to examine hypotheses of decision-making, strategic management, human resources management, production process and quality control, and marketing and financial systems. TVE managers appear to have basic knowledge of the importance and benefits of recommended management practices. However, they do not fully understand them all, and improvements, especially in human resources, marketing and financial management, are needed to sustain the future business growth of TVEs.



managerial orientation, China, township and village enterprises, managers, management practices, North American business schools, management-training programs