Client perceptions of therapy services at the University of Guelph's Couple and Family Therapy Centre

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Tomkinson, Katherine Lynn

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University of Guelph


As part of the evaluation of the University of Guelph's Marriage and Family Therapy Program, former clients of the Couple and Family Therapy Centre were surveyed to determine their perceptions of various aspects of the therapy services provided there. Client perspectives in terms of therapy outcome, satisfaction, and service quality were sought utilizing a mail-in questionnaire consisting of a combination of established and study-specific self-report instruments. Findings suggest that most clients experienced improvement in the presenting problem, were satisfied with the service, and rated the quality of the service highly. Results are compared with findings reported in the literature, and recommendations for training and practice are presented.



University of Guelph, Marriage and Family Therapy Program, Couple and Family Therapy Centre, client perceptions, therapy services